Eve & Adam – Review

Eve & Adam – Review

AUTHOR: Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate


STORY: Eve and Adam follows Evening Spiker as she recovers from an accident. She stays with her mother, Terra Spiker who is the owner of a large pharmaceutical company that is suspected of using less than ethical means to produce products. She is accompanied by Solo, a worker and ward of Terra, and Aislin her best friend from school.

To stop her from becoming bored and focussing on her injuries, Terra tasks Evening with using a software program to design a perfect human specimen. However not everything is as it seems. Solo helps Evening discover the truth behind what is happening at the institute, aided by Aislin and his knowledge of the inner workings of Spiker Industries.




I really wanted to like this book… The main character, I found her unrealistic and difficult to sympathise with – her claim to having a difficult life is a mother who works hard and is unusually wealthy, it certainly seems like she has everything. The only straw for the reader to clutch at is that her father died, but that is such an overused story trope that it really doesn’t hold much weight. For the other characters I really didn’t like any of them either and their presentations were either uninteresting or unrealistic. Aislin was too over the top, Solo was a total mixed bag – almost like they couldn’t decide on his characteristics – he started as a surfer on the outside and genius on the inside, which is interesting, but then for everything he knew, sometimes he didn’t know others when he should have, it didn’t make sense. I get it with Dr Tommy that they were trying to break the ‘this is what a scientist’ looks like idea, but they made him ridiculous. Adam was just plain boring, he did nothing in regards to adding to the story, just sort of walked around being a lost boy.

The story as a concept was interesting, but it just didn’t deliver. It started out great with all the intrigue around Evening and the accident and why her mother would move her. The back blurb basically ruined the plot twist that she was designing an actual human and not a computer program, so that made watching Evening understand what was happening incredibly slow. Issues with Aislin and her boyfriend added nothing to the story. The ending was poorly executed and had a predictable good guys win scenario.

I feel like they were going for a modern day take on Frankenstein. They are some interesting ideas in the book, like what if you had the chance to make your perfect partner? Would you still want them? But it is wasted on a nothing really interesting happening. The action is sketchy and doesn’t build any tension. The characters don’t interact with each other like they care for each other. For most of the story Solo seems to only want to get out from under Terra, and then he is being all creepy and watching Eve in her room, and then she is okay with that? Perhaps this is shown so the reader can see how he has manipulated the security system, but it doesn’t work it comes off as weird, and makes him less appealing.

Overall everything about the text seems forced. At some points I wonder if the authors were collaborating harmoniously or if they were working on different wavelengths, in the end it was a disappointing read that had the potential to be something much more than it is.


There were too many weak and inconsistent characters. This novel could have been much more than it was. It was a very interesting concept but it did not deliver and remained substantially underwhelming. It was very disappointing especially considering how good their other works are.


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